Battery metals are leading the way with the rise of sustainability, and Australia is poised to lead the way in mining. With a deep well of resources, it’s set to become more prominent in the lithium and cobalt sectors, especially with the recent success of Australian Mines in mineral exploration.

So, where will that boster the country as a mining leader? And will it change the path of Australian mining for good, towards battery metals?

Battery metal mining for the future

The future of power is renewability, yet much of Australia lags behind. Electric vehicles (EVs) lack the cheapness and widespread nature in Australia of many other countries. Yet Australia is one of the leading countries for geological potential in mining, with a large amount of mineral resources.

Australia has geological potential for 24 critical minerals. Source: Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Australia possesses the world’s third largest reserves of lithium and is the largest producer of lithium in the world. It also has large resources of cobalt, manganese, tantalum, tungsten, and zirconium.

There’s work to do yet

Australia is poised to lead this industry; however, it will require movement towards it by both Australian consumers and companies to do so. This will mean an increase in the funding and adoption of electric vehicles and other sustainable solutions such as solar energy, which also requires battery metal mining.

This will also mean ensuring that we are tracing our battery metal supply chains with confident corporate governance. Already, moving towards Australian sourcing is promoting ethical labour, as many mining operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (one of the major suppliers of cobalt and 3TGs) utilise forced labour.

We can ensure that our battery metals supply chains are traceable, ethical and sustainable by tracking them with blockchain technology. Our platform, STAMP Supply, provides this capability.

Moving towards battery metals will both help Australia move towards a more sustainable future, as well as increase its economic potential as the country becomes a leader in battery metal mining. It will also mean that, globally, countries will become increasingly dependent on Australia for its critical mineral resources, allowing it to take a leading position in the minerals and mining sector.

The rise of Australia’s place in battery metals mining will ultimately benefit both companies and consumers Australia-wide. Interested in finding out more about how we can encourage innovation in the Australian mining sector? Check out STAMP.