The healthcare sector deals with massive amounts of data, often coined ‘Healthcare Big Data’. Healthcare big data refers to the collection and analysis of consumer, patient and clinical data. Data analysis enables a holistic approach which provides insight into both the patient and practitioner experience.

Big data in healthcare will mean implementing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. This will enable increased patient protection. Blockchain can enable the sharing of patient data securely and anonymously, as well as shine light on mistreatment, especially in aged care. This will be absolutely vital in giving voice to those who need it.

Through emerging technologies, we can secure and analyse patient data to enable better healthcare processes.

Why healthcare?

Healthcare is especially vulnerable to misplacing and losing the large amounts of data. Since the healthcare sector deals with immense amounts of sensitive information, this data needs to be secured in a way that also enables access when necessary.

For example, when a patient transfers from one practitioner to another, they need to know that the data is secure, encrypted, and can only be viewed by those they give permission. This is integral to protecting patients.

Some technologies, such as AI and blockchain, can allow us to distribute data in a secure way. Through the value of blockchain, we can ensure that data is not only securely stored but is also accessible in case of emergency or when necessary, such as in the case of allergies or pre-existing illnesses. This will save lives.

Solving the data problem in medical

By implementing emerging technologies in healthcare, we will transform the way we handle health data. This will benefit both patient and practitioner. Using software such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and automation makes processes easier, saves important costs, and improves efficiency.

Blockchain technology is the ideal candidate for centralising and securing data. It will provide the backing for healthcare data platforms, providing transparency and accountability. Blockchain provides an easy method of auditability and interoperability globally without issues.

With the recent pandemic, ensuring that we can ensure easy but protected access of healthcare data is more important now than ever. This will help not only patients, but also help to move towards scientific studies to create vaccines and control the spread of viruses.

Data on the blockchain is compliant. This reduces the necessity of intermediaries and saves costs in both the long and short term. It also optimises efficiency as it reduces the need for personnel to expand large amounts of time in paperwork.

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