Blockchain’s potential in healthcare is extensive and largely underexplored.  Yet there’s an even bigger opportunity: aged care.

The aged care industry is one in desperate need of transparency into the safety and wellbeing of its residents. There has been an increase in concern over the treatment and safety of the elderly in homes, and blockchain can at the very least provide a platform for transparency and assurance.

The ultimate use case

Families are not always conscious of the experiences of their elderly relatives: whether these be in nursing homes or in their own individual homes. In many cases, these relatives cannot relay or recall these experiences themselves with clarity. Blockchain would mean that families can keep track of their elderly relatives and have peace of mind, knowing that they are safe.

The demand for data transparency is universal among consumers; however, the lack of data transparency in aged care could be life-threatening. It extends further than corruption or potential miscalculations (though, of course, data opacity in supply chains can also put lives at risk).

A lack of data transparency in aged care can put an elderly person’s life and health at risk.

The reality of blockchain in aged care

Violence and neglect in aged care have persisted for many years with limited intervention.

The health and wellbeing of the elderly should be assured, through permanent and transparent care and recording. Blockchain is the ideal opportunity for this because the technology itself is, by nature, permanent and tamper-proof. Even a private blockchain provides the promise of permanence that a traditional database would not otherwise offer.

This technology would be ideal in abuse or negligence cases: the event could be tracked back to the original time of the event and person(s) involved.

Blockchain could save lives

The potential of blockchain technology in aged care goes further than its mere security. It’s also about traceability, and the technology’s ability to protect the elderly generation. Blockchain could provide a sense of safety that they currently lack.

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