2019 saw a myriad of new technologies emerge. 2020 will see these come into the mainstream sphere. As data and smart technology become more vital to the function of our businesses, they will also become more sophisticated. This will form the foundation of technology in business in the new year.

These technologies will make data streamlined, more secure and inherently smarter – allowing for workers and executives to dedicate time to more important things.

Automated data

By automating data processes, we immediately save time in business. This means we can use dedicate more time to company growth. Companies deal with so much data every single day. Automating sorting this data will free up large amounts of time for business and save many costs in the long term.

In a world that is fundamentally data-driven, the value of automating data is clear. It will create a system that functions more smoothly and efficiently.

Corporate blockchain

Until 2019, blockchain technology was still in early stages of growth. It lacked the sophistication to be implemented in the corporate world. 2020, blockchain is becoming bigger and more respected in business: 83 percent of senior executives saw the compelling use cases for blockchain in 2019, up from 74 percent in 2018.

Blockchain has slowly shed its association with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, establishing itself in its own right. Executives who may lack faith in crypto are now seeing the value of blockchain independently. This signifies a shift in perception throughout 2019 and into 2020.

The World Economic Forum predict that while in 2019, “the focus on blockchain shifted from hype to quality,” 2020 could be the year that “something huge gains traction.” However, it will require us to work together, instead of separate from one another.

Smarter ways of doing business

‘Smart’ business is becoming increasingly prevalent with the advent of smarter, more autonomous ways of working, intelligent technologies and more flexibility with creativity and technology. Everything around us become smarter – from our homes to our workplaces.

With intelligent analytics, secure and automated data, and technology that makes our jobs easier, 2020 is building up to be a year where we can dedicate more time to the important things – and move away from the manual processes. This will allow us to dedicate more time to the ‘human’ parts of our work.

In 2020, Blockhead is bringing blockchain into business with our platform STAMP. You can find out more here or contact us here for a demo.