As we face increasing concern surrounding how secure our data is, companies need to take interest in how to make the data they deal with secure. Consumers want to use platforms that will protect their data, and many claim to do so but fail.

We can create end-to-end data security through smart tech and improved strategy. Here’s how.

The data security problem

Protecting data, whether written, physical or vocal, is vital. When dealing with sensitive information, we need to know that it’s backed by secure technologies. This can mean anything from blockchain technology to advanced encryption.

By encrypting our data, companies retain good reputation and protect their own data, and consumers know with confidence that their data is safe and that they have visibility over it. This is especially important in the case of external cyberattacks or data breaches.

The main sources of issues in data security are:

  • Traditional technologies leaving vulnerabilities
  • A lack of security software
  • Vulnerability to hackers

How can companies ensure end-to-end data protection?

There are a variety of ways we can move towards ameliorating data insecurity. The key solution is using more advanced technology to protect ourselves. Implementing or creating a data platform that is backed by tech such as blockchain and artificial intelligence means your data is far more secure. There are also different forms of encryption, such as public-key cryptography, that deliver different benefits.

Blockchain also provides transparency to consumers, many of whom care about where their data is being kept and its security.

There are many messaging platforms that claim to be securely encrypted; however, when it comes down to it, they aren’t. Many of them simply do not have comprehensive enough security and advanced encryption. Many forms of end-to-end encryption, while valuable, are not enough to solely protect consumer and company data. Other companies don’t use E2EE at all and this makes the data they handle especially vulnerable.

Companies can move towards solving end-to-end data issues with better technology, improved governance, and comprehensive transparency and visibility. This means creating platforms for data exchange that we know are secure, promote trust, and deliver transparency across the board.

An example of this is in phone communication. Companies, especially executives, often need a way to communicate without the risk of any external interference. Using smart technology to encrypt our data ensures that is protected.

Other ways of protecting data include backing it with blockchain technology. Our platform STAMP uses blockchain technology to back all precious data, ensuring that it is protected, only accessible by those with specific permissions, and easily consumable.

Blockhead Technologies is helping companies to protect their data with our solutions, especially blockchain-backed platform STAMP. You can find out more here or contact us here for more information or a demo.