Globally, companies are taking interest in ensuring that their company processes are ethical, sustainable and environmentally safe. The GRI standards in particular enable companies to communicate their environmental and ethical standards to both consumers and stakeholders, and are become adopted by many businesses worldwide.

GRI reporting provides an avenue through which companies can define and reduce their impact, and Blockhead Technologies is working to help companies report on their impact with ease. Here’s how.

Global Reporting Initiative

GRI – or the Global Reporting Initiative – involves a set of standards that are designed as an ‘easy-to-use modular set’ that can be filtered by topic. GRI reporting is especially useful not only to companies, but also to investors, policymakers, capital markets and civil society.

Many companies are faced with the problem: given the difficulty associated with reporting, why should we bother?

Reporting allows companies to understand their impact on both people and the environment. It also helps to mitigate risks, identify new opportunities, and improve overall reputation.

As there emerges a growing interest in ethical alignment, many companies may be unsure how they can go about identifying ESG issues, especially in their supply chains.

Blockhead Technologies has created STAMP, a tool designed to track and fulfil ethical obligations and needs across companies. It does this by integrating and centralising your data in one place and delivering insights and forecasts.

STAMP – a tool for supporting the GRI standards

By implementing STAMP, companies can adhere to ethical standards, better optimise efficiency, and reduce cost loss within global companies.

STAMP integrates data into one place for easy storage and analysis and is underpinned by Blockhead’s transformative tech, that incorporates machine learning and blockchain technology. This ensures a level of security and confidence in the data. It also delivers a higher level of auditability.

Our STAMP Suite incorporates areas from fuel tracking and supply chains to bullion tracking. Each STAMP service can support your ESG targets and deliver on GRI standards.

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