As blockchain matures, so does its place in the global market. Governments and communities are becoming more interested in blockchain and implementing policies and regulations around it. Here are a few powerful movers in the blockchain space right now.

1. Malta

If you keep up with blockchain news, this will come as no surprise to you. Malta’s government is firmly for blockchain. Despite being a very small island in the Mediterranean, it’s come to be known as a hub for blockchain and fintech, “The Blockchain Island.” It has various regulations surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Malta also hosts the AI and Blockchain Summit, which began last year.

2. Canada

Canada has a reputation for being a leader in the blockchain space, along with America and the UK. It hosts its own Blockchain Summit, and has various associations in government dedicated to blockchain advancement. The Canadian government has even tested implemented an Ethereum blockchain in their own government, for government documents and information.

(We’re not biased at all, but Blockhead’s headquarters are in Vancouver.)

Canada’s building up to be a formidable player in the blockchain market.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland boasts its own crypto valley, in between Zurich and Zug. It attracts multiple start-ups and houses several blockchain companies. Switzerland also has its own Blockchain Federation, founded in Zurich, a public-private partnership that aims to foster interest in Switzerland as a blockchain hub.

They ultimately want to attract more high quality blockchain start ups. Switzerland hosts its own blockchain conference (Infrachain) and, as of December 2018, had over 750 blockchain companies.

4. Australia

Australia boasts several successful blockchain start ups and was the first globally to submit blockchain standards in 2016. These were accepted by the ISO and Australia was announced to lead the international development of blockchain standards. Australia houses its own Blockchain Association, and is allegedly on track to implement a national blockchain strategy.

While currently, Australia’s blockchain industry has a way to go, it’s setting out to position itself ahead as a leader. Australia also has its own governmental digital innovation centre as part of CSIRO, Data61, which has published several pieces on blockchain technology and also leads multiple blockchain projects.

More than you can count

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to countries adopting blockchain.

Globally, there are a lot of movers and leaders in the blockchain space, and some likely still to come into their potential. Over the next few years, as blockchain likely becomes more popularised, we will see most – if not all – countries take interest in the blockchain sector.

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