Artifical intelligence is the way of the future – a simulation of human intelligence that can do many of the things a human can and, one day, potentially more. However, instead of replacing workers, AI will, in fact, create a more productive and creative workforce.

But how exactly will robots make us more productive?

1. AI will allow us to focus on the things that matter

Many of our jobs are occupied with things that are ‘necessary evils’ – calculations, time-consuming analysis and data management – yet they fundamentally stop us from focusing on the meaningful parts of our work.

With AI to do our calculations and analysis (in a fraction of the time), we can focus on the important things.

2. Manual work will get done quicker

AI can do calculations that might take workers hours in a fraction of a second.

AI does not experience distractions or need to sleep, eat or rest in the same way that humans do. AI can function 24/7 which, in turn, saves companies time, money and resources. These cost-savings can then be put into more productive areas.

3. Customer experience will become intelligent

While there are some customer service aspects that cannot be done by robots, the reality is that most of them can be. This will improve customer experience, as it will not be necessary to wait for 30 minutes on hold when talking to AI.

This could solve many of the simpler queries that customers have – and in turn, allow human customer service workers to put more time into the exhaustive problems.

4. Companies will get creative

With more time, money and resources, companies will invest in the creative sector. In fact, the World Economic Forum believes that creative jobs will be the future – and this could be reflected in the future of the integrated workforce. According to research, 97% of employers believe that creativity is of increasing importance in the workplace.

Companies can implement new programs that are more customer and human-based, focused on enhancing productivity and innovation through creativity. These programs will excel in an industry which will be inherently human, personal and customer-based, despite the growing presence of robots in the workplace.

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