Supply chain management is often minimised to logistics. However, fuel makes up a large part of supply chain management, and we need to ensure that we have the systems to track it efficiently.

A necessity for fuel tracking

Fuel tracking is a necessary component of supply chain management. The way we use our fuel is central to cost saving, especially in major fleets.

From fuel miscalculations, misuse, poor driving skills to fraud, fuel can be lost in a variety of ways.

By their inherent nature, supply chains naturally use large amounts of fuel throughout the fleet. This particularly affects those in the mining sector, since many operations include large fleets.

A key component of supply chain management

Typically, we view supply chain management as logistics. It is the management of goods and services throughout the movement of raw materials or finished goods. Because of the global nature of the supply chain, fuel is a key component of how we should be managing our supply chains.

By tracking, monitoring, and analysing our fuel, we can ensure that we have full visibility over our fuel usage and optimise costs wherever possible. Many companies simply lack the ability to view fuel usage over their entire fleets. This is why it’s important now, more than ever, to implement fuel tracking platforms such as STAMP Fuel.

STAMP Fuel – an easy tool for blockchain-backed fuel tracking

STAMP Fuel is Blockhead Technologies’ fuel tracking platform, backed by blockchain technology and designed for easy integration with existing technology platforms.

By intaking, centralising and analysing your data, STAMP Fuel delivers insights that allow company executives to know exactly where their fuel is going, realistic usage data, and how they can optimise fuel usage within fleets. It does this through blockchain security and analysis backed by intelligent technology.

Fuel tracking is core to any company that deals with fuel. Regardless of what platform you use, it’s vital that you implement a good tracking system. You can find out more about STAMP Fuel here or contact us here for more information or a demo.