Blockchain is flourishing worldwide – and not just within ‘the blockchain circles.’ Consumers outside of the tech sphere are suddenly interested in the value of blockchain.

Yet there’s still a demand globally for better implementations, proof of concepts and real-life examples. Many global companies and governments are attempting to rise to meet this demand.

Here’s three places that are leading the blockchain industry.

The Middle East

The Middle East is truly pioneering the way in the blockchain sector. Recently, the Israeli government have moved towards implementing blockchain in their own processes, instead of merely regulating it.

Even further than blockchain, the Middle East is a central place for technological innovation. However, like any other burgeoning technology hub, the Middle East still has a way to go. It will be required to transform under the weight of the demand to be more efficient and effective.


It’s no surprise that Europe is a major hub for blockchain innovation. Blockchain is being adopted across countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Berlin and Estonia. There is a constant demand and support for innovation in Europe. It is no surprise, then, that many of the major universities supporting blockchain are centralised in Britain.

The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application’s Executive Director told Cointelegraph that “The European Union was one of the earliest and most enthusiastic adaptors of blockchain technology as a way to spur digital innovation and benefit both the public and private sectors.” In short, Europe has been putting itself ahead of the growing blockchain tide for a while now.

Its early intervention in blockchain means that it will be one of the best prepared for its future.


Australia, while often overlooked in the blockchain market, is, in fact, pushing its way to the top. This is partly as a result of increased government policies and innovative measures towards blockchain growth. There are several organisations, including ‘Blockchain Australia’ and the ‘Blockchain Association of Australia’ who are fostering change and adoption of blockchain in business.

In 2019, Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science announced that they will be launching a National Blockchain Roadmap to assess blockchain opportunities throughout the Australian economy. In particular, the Department is looking at the potential of blockchain technology in food provenance and traceability to improve food safety, as well as fraudulent activity in the food and wine sectors.

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