As a response to recent world events, a large portion of the workforce is now being forced into working from home. Our workforce has slowly been moving towards this for several years now, but now our glacial pace has merely been pushed along by COVID-19 (also known as ‘the Coronavirus’).

Thankfully, we now have the tech available to us to work better from home. Here’s three technologies changing the way we work remotely.

Workforce messaging

There are a myriad of apps now that allow people to communicate remotely, such as Slack and Skype. Some, like Slack, allow you to install apps that can integrate calendars or to-do lists, or even create your own custom apps for the platform.

Technology is allowing us to communicate the same way we would in an office – just without the risk. It’s amazing that in the twenty-first century we can have both physical safety and job security.

Remote meetings

Skype Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans – all of these are excellent platforms through which you can have face-to-face contact with your team without going into the office. You and your team can collaborate and work on projects together, maintaining the social aspect of work without potentially exposing yourself to any health risks.

While messenger apps are great, some projects need to be talked through – and voice and video apps like these allow for that. They provide a new dimension to home work and can also provide social contact that you may be missing in self-isolation.

Collaborative apps

There are many applications that allow you to collaborate with your team, sharing your projects and plans for the workday. You can tick off your to-do list, ask for help or information in certain areas, and provide your own assistance to your peers.

Some great workplace applications include Asana, Office 365, Trello, Ryver and Flock.

Many applications, such as Asana and Trello, provide a shared platform that can also enable easy leadership and guidance. These will form the foundations of the

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