The best testament to our ability to adapt comes along when we’re forced to do so. Businesses around the globe are proving this now more than ever. When forced to close their physical doors, many businesses have adapted to move online and have found unique and ‘smart’ ways to continue their businesses.

Here’s how companies are becoming smart about business.

The coffee shops, restaurants and grocers that have moved online

Before the coronavirus hit, there were still many businesses that didn’t even have a menu accessible online – let alone a booking or takeaway system.

In part, this can be attributed to limited capability. But at large, it’s the result of a lack of need that has driven many businesses into comfort.

All of a sudden, the need has arrived – and in full force. Without adapting, restaurants, coffee shops and small grocers could go out of business. They needed to find ways to adapt – and many did.

Many businesses have moved online. Abandoning in-store service for online and takeaway service means that many can still sustain themselves remotely and safely. Delivery companies such as Ubereats and Menulog only facilitate this.

Before, food delivery was a useful option. Now, it’s the new normal.

Providing new services in a time of need

In a response to inability to run properly, many gin distillers have moved to creating hand sanitisers. Companies have begun to create medical apparatus such as face masks. Many face to gain no profit from this – instead, they’re doing it for the betterment of society as a whole.

Several companies, such as Audible, have opened their services up for free during this time. Many exercise apps or programs offer free or discounted services. Ultimately, the goal is to protect and preserve both ourselves and others, rather than approach the pandemic as everyone for themselves.

In an age of innovation, some companies have been hesitant to change or transform due to fear of lacking profits. But now that same fear drives them to innovate – because if they don’t, they may lose their business altogether.

While the coronavirus is a tragedy that, ideally, would have been avoided, it’s necessary to look at the silver linings and the transformation that has emerged from it. Businesses are becoming smarter: they’re moving online, implementing new technology, and creating a new normal for food delivery and retail.

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