COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world, forcing many of us into isolation. These are frightening times that affect all of us, but there are some silver linings to the Coronavirus outbreak: it’s changing the way we work and think, for the better.

The coronavirus is challenging us to change the way we work, communicate and co-exist with others. Here’s how humanity has risen to the challenge – and chosen to innovate along the way.

The world is moving online

One of the major impacts of COVID-19 has been changing the way many of us work. For those who are able to work from home, we are pushed to adjust to a new way of working, largely autonomous and online. This includes some businesses finding unique ways to work remotely and from home.

This also applies to schooling, as many schools are moving their learning online and being forced to keep up with the change. As a result, teachers are finding new innovative ways to teach and engage with their classes.

Many meetings and conferences are being pushed online, with event organisers forced to work out how to make their events digital. However this is, in fact, improving accessibility by allowing people to access events that are out of their state or even country, and allowing for a larger, more diversified audience.

A change in mindset

Often, disasters can feel far away from us if they are not in our backyards. When they affect us directly, forcing us into unemployment and potential illness, they cause ripples in society. This means that, eventually, there will be many ideas and new companies based on experience, so as to prepare us better for a disaster like the coronavirus in the future.

Some leaders are taking business innovation to a new level and providing hope and support for the community and their customers. We are finding new ways to communicate with one another and a new mindset with which to approach work amidst the coronavirus. There are always new ways to do business, and as a community we’re finding them.

The world is transforming at an alarming rate, with the introduction of flexible hours, paid sick leave in many businesses, and the choice of many CEOs to put innovation and loyalty above competition.

Forbes quotes one business leader: “The way we speak with competitors, clients, opponents, business partners — there is an instant equality. This affects everyone equally. Differences disappear in the face of something that threatens us all equally and that we do not control. We are all in the same boat.”

COVID has forced us to transform, and we’ve proved that we are willing to meet the challenge.

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