It’s no surprise that the world is changing. Our tentative foray into new tech has been abandoned entirely in favour of being shoved head-first into innovation. The question has always been ‘will we sink or swim?’ The answer: We’re swimming.

Here’s how the next ten years will look like for tech if this innovation continues.

Collaboration over competition & blockchain tracking

While competition has its place, there are many industries that would stand to gain from collaborating. Blockchain companies, for example, have been consistently siloed and separated due to competition. In a move to improve the wider global climate and economy, blockchain companies could come together for collaboration.

We will also see more niche blockchain solutions. Blockhead Technologies already offers blockchain-backed fuel and supply chain solutions. Further than that, we will see more blockchain solutions in the healthcare sector that aim to improve medical supply chains, spread of information, and global conditions.

Everything will move online over the next ten years – including work

Many of us are now forced to work from home amidst COVID-19. There will always, of course, be careers that simply can’t move online. However, many office workers have the ability to work from home and, now we’ve experienced its success, will find that it actually works better for them.

Remote work isn’t for everyone – especially those with young children – but it will become a more prominent part of the way we work.

In addition, after seeing how we can teach online, some schools may move towards more online learning. This will allow children to continue their work in unique situations and will enable the creation of new platforms to help children access schooling and learn.

Artificial intelligence & blockchain will be mainstream

An online workplace means more platforms that implement AI and blockchain technology and help us solve common workplace problems. Blockchain is the answer to our siloed databases. It provides a central and accessible way of providing information and doing work. It will, eventually, replace local servers and traditional platforms.

Artificial intelligence is already overtaking the workplace with intelligent ways of communicating and planning as well as intaking, processing and forecasting data. AI will be key to the future of our workplaces over the next decade and will be integral to the way we interact with each other. It may even be able to prevent future crises through predictive measures.

Blockhead Technologies is stepping ahead to create blockchain-enabled data solutions for a variety of sectors, including mining and medical. Interested in finding out more? Click here or contact us here for a demo.