The mining sector uses massive amounts of fuel – yet it loses millions of dollars as a result every year.

Why have we come to accept this as a ‘necessary evil’?

Fuel loss is a problem we often accept as necessary. Fuel loss – whether through fraud, miscalculations or poor reporting – should not have to be a part of everyday business in the mining sector.

For a long time, the options for fuel tracking platforms have been lacking. Here’s how STAMP Fuel is changing the game.

The problem that STAMP Fuel aims to solve

STAMP Fuel aims to solve a prevalent problem in the mining sector, one that has been around for years: unnecessary and unexplained fuel loss. Whether by accidental loss or by fraud, fuel loss costs mining companies millions every year.

Amidst uncertain COVID-19 times, no company can afford to lose millions on something that should be unavoidable. Which raises the question: Why aren’t we doing more to stop fuel loss? The simple answer is that we haven’t had the tools to prevent this fuel loss – though many have tried.

Why should we care about this now?

In a climate where all businesses – not matter what their discipline – need to save money and create profit, we cannot afford to lose unnecessary costs to avoidable fuel loss. Having a comprehensive fuel tracking system might seem like an obvious answer; however, many companies operate with inefficient fuel tracking software.

This is, largely, because there hasn’t been a platform that could meet the need – until now.

STAMP Fuel: What makes it different?

STAMP Fuel is, at its core, simple and easy to use: it’s a data tracking and analysis platform that integrates with any pre-existing software and is backed by blockchain. However, the ability to trust your data, as it’s secured by blockchain, cannot be underestimated.

You don’t need to be a technology expert to use STAMP Fuel. It does all the analysis and data organisation for you. This allows you to see anomalies in your fuel usage that you may not otherwise have been able to detect.

STAMP Fuel isn’t designed to replace your existing software processes. If you a data recording system, it can easily integrate with it, ensuring that the data is secure and transparent. The fuel loss problem, while seeming daunting, shouldn’t be so difficult and costly to solve.

You can find out more about STAMP Fuel here or contact us here for a demo or for more information.