We always hear about the internal benefits of supply chain optimisation: how it can save costs and optimise productivity. But what if it could actually drive external business to your company?

Corporate governance goes further than corporations

While corporate governance is important for companies to keep track of their own processes, it’s also important for consumers. Many consumers want to know what they’re sourcing: whether it’s ethical or sustainable.

More and more, people are taking interest in what they’re buying. This means that, in many cases, companies with optimised, transparent supply chains will attract more business than those with opaque ones.

Ethical purchase and investment are becoming aspects that drive business, as opposed to optional decisions.

What does an optimised supply chain look like?

The optimised supply chain is not merely ethically and environmentally conscious. Instead, it implements a variety of technology to streamline the supply chain management. AI, machine learning, blockchain: these are all aspects of the future supply chain. They go hand-in-hand with things such as ethics, and fundamentally make supply chains quicker, more productive and cost effective.

Quick and productive supply chains bring business. Cheaper supply chains bring business.

In the long term, companies ultimately save. The initial cost of optimisation is outweighed in the long-term by the customers it will bring.

A platform that does it all – without disruption

Our platform, STAMP Supply, makes the supply chain process easy. It incorporates blockchain to secure and decentralise supply chains. This allows companies to have confidence in their data: that it is correct, permanent and resistant to tampering.

STAMP Supply also integrates with existing systems. This means that disruption to company processes is limited.

At Blockhead, we believe in optimising the power of data. Data is a valuable asset, and one that is often underutilised due to technological and organisational constraints. Supply chains are complex, and the promise of having all your data, available for easy analysis and consumption, in one platform might sound unrealistic – but it isn’t.

To find out more about STAMP Supply, click here, or head over here for a look at how STAMP actually works.