Mining companies receive endless amounts of data – from supply chains, to fuel, to exploration and company data. Data keeps the mining industry running, and yet many of us simply don’t have the technology to properly manage it.

Here’s how we can change that.

Data first – cost savings will follow

While it might seem wasteful to spend any amount of money on merely integrating and analysing our data, it will save massive cost in the long – and even shorter – term.

Big data deals with ways in which we can deal with massive amounts of complex data sets. Many companies lose large amounts of their budget to ineffectively managed data.

These costs come from lack of time wasted spent manually calculating. In addition, having the ability to track our data and identify anomalies with ease saves potential losses from fraud, accidents and miscalculations.

Take the fuel problem: mining companies globally lose thousands – if not millions – of dollars of fuel every year.

STAMP Fuel seeks to deal with this loss by putting that data in one place, backed by blockchain, and identifying any anomalies.

Many fuel management systems simply lack the ability to deal with huge and complex amounts of data – and if we do have a system that can intake our data, many of these can’t analyse it. This ends up being a manual process, and humans are far more likely to miss errors than machines, as well as being much slower workers.

Does this apply to all mining data?

Of course, the demand for data management doesn’t just apply to fuel.

You might be familiar with prevalent issues in supply chains – supply chain-based companies deal with excessive amounts of data that they simply do not have the technology to track. Supply chains produce so much data and aligning that data to a narrative can be tricky.

How do you know that your data is transparent and hasn’t been manipulated?

The reality is that you don’t.

That’s why we created STAMP Supply – a platform that tracks supply chains beginning-to-end, identifying anomalies and ensuring that measurements are exact and traceable. It’s easy to use – you don’t need to be a technical expert to navigate it – and it displays all your data for you, taking out the hard work.

As a leader in the mining sector, you shouldn’t have to dedicate excessive amounts of time and money to merely managing your data. That’s why we have STAMP to do it for you. You can find out about STAMP Fuel here and STAMP Supply here. Contact us for a demo.