Many – if not most – companies possess a supply chain, yet there is a noticeable lack of traceability and transparency in these supply chains. Most of the time, this is not due to deliberate opacity. Rather, supply chains are long and complicated systems. Tracking them can be an immense and arduous task.

With the upcoming advent of technology and innovation, every company must track their supply chain. However, it does not need to be as hard as you might think.

The tech that’s just for supply chain tracking

Comprehensively tracking your company’s supply chain does not mean implementing it all yourself. You don’t need to know how to create your own management system and integrate all of your siloed data.

Fortunately, with the increased understanding of artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain, supply chain tracking doesn’t have to be difficult anymore.

Our platform, STAMP Supply, brings in blockchain technology to easily track your supply chain and incorporate pre-existing data management systems. So, instead of replacing pre-existing processes, STAMP will integrate with them to centralize and secure your data in one easy-to-access place.

How does STAMP Supply work?

STAMP Supply incorporates supply chain systems into the STAMP software. It allows you to identify anomalies, integrate data and allows you access to permanent up-to-date transparency of your supply chain.

Blockchain technology ensures that supply chains are transparent and traceable. As a company leader, you can see when things are added or changed. STAMP displays to you any anomalies that you can further investigate in your supply chain. These might be explainable or more serious issues such as deliberate miscalculations and/or fraud.

STAMP Supply also displays these anomalies and general data to you graphically and through reports in your easy-to-use dashboard. This allows you to go through excess amounts of data without having to wade through it yourself.

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