Industry 4.0 (also known as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’) has been looming for the last few years. Now, amidst economic uncertainty and threats from the coronavirus, we are suddenly being pushed to change the way we work. We’re moving to remote working and are implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and automation.

The world is changing. Industry 4.0 is being pushed to the forefront. Here’s why it’s not so much of a bad thing.

What is Industry 4.0?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, ‘Industry 4.0’ refers to the integration of artificial intelligence, automation and other smart technologies to connect the physical world with the digital one in industries.

IBM refers to Industry 4.0 as “Digital transformation driven by smart manufacturing (also known as Industry 4.0)…[that creates] opportunities to achieve levels of productivity and specialization not previously possible.” Industry 4.0 will optimize our processes and ensure that the way we work and manufacture is incredibly efficient.

This will allow us to innovate and work better. Previously, Industry 4.0 had been slowly making its place in society known. Now, its potential has been thrust into the limelight, as we’re forced to adapt and innovate amidst the pandemic.

Innovation over comfort

Previously, we have chosen ‘comfort over innovation’. It is far easier to be comfortable and enjoy steady revenue than it is to push boundaries and risk potential failures. Thus, remote work, innovation and new technologies have been pushed to the bottom of our priorities.

Innovating is nice, but is it essential? Many businesses, especially small ones, might not think so, and it’s easy to see where they’re coming from. For a small business, ensuring that there are incoming profits and happy customers is highest on the list of priorities.

Things such as ‘implementing new technologies and ways of working’ become far less important as they often lack immediate profit and may even compromise profit if done incorrectly.

The pandemic has thrown any chances of safety and comfort out completely.

Innovation over comfort is becoming far more prevalent than comfort over innovation. Why? Because there is no comfort anymore. In such uncertain times and circumstances, we are pushed to innovate at the risk of losing our businesses altogether. Innovation ­is comfort. Moving to remote work, implementing delivery in your business and offering digital ways of providing services is the only way to stay alive in this climate.

We have been pushed, without warning, into Industry 4.0. There’s no choice but to adapt.

How can we keep up with Industry 4.0?

The pandemic is going to change work, whether we like it or not. It’s forced us into a way of working that was previously only delved into with caution. When it comes to a choice between innovating and becoming obsolete, we chose to innovate – but where does that leave us?

How can we keep up with the constant and disrupting digitalization of Industry 4.0?

There are several ways you can mitigate getting left behind and stay ahead of innovation. The first is that innovation should always be central to the way you do business – even in non-crises. Digital transformation is what pushes companies ahead and allows them to stay present and alive during hard times.

In addition, you should always consider how your business can stay ahead on a variety of levels. From factory level to enterprise level, your business should be constantly transforming and moving towards a digital and automated way of work. If your business is office-based, you can be implementing better ways to work remotely, and the way companies can interact with their customers.

Innovation is multi-layered and is not limited to the technology you offer and the digitalization you implement.

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