Security is central to concern around IoT adoption. The Internet of Things will mean that everybody, and everything, will be connected. We’re already on our way there. Yet this connectivity comes with its caveats.

How secure is our data? Is it really as safe as we think?

Security is lacking in the Internet of Things

IoT is quickly changing the way we interact with the world. We have already becoming familiar with the ease of have all our devices and data connected. If you’re not quite familiar with the term ‘Internet of Things,’ check out this crash course by AIG below:

Source: AIG

Yet IoT devices without efficient security provide “easy targets for cyber-criminals to exploit the weak security protection to hack them into launching DDoS attacks.” When all your data is being circulated within a global system, you want to ensure that it’s safe.

The solution could be blockchain

Blockchain isn’t a fix-all solution. However, it does excel in security. Among other attributes, blockchain technology is largely lauded for its secure nature. It’s not centralized, so it is difficult to exploit. It also has a more difficult level of encryption.

Blockchain also provides transparency and permanence. Data and movements on the blockchain are easily traceable to those who have access. This means that, if there is potential weakness or risk, it can be easily detected and fixed.

The IoT dream is, at its core, mart Cities: entire cities that are intricately connected through IoT, smart sensors and a myriad of other technologies. However, this isn’t something we can even begin to move towards before we know that IoT is secure. While every technology – no matter the security – will always possess some vulnerabilities, it will need to be as secure as possible if it is to form our future.

Blockchain could be the security that IoT needs.

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