It’s hard to grasp the sheer amount of fuel that major mining companies lose every day. To many, this is accepted, because there are no adequate technologies or systems that can stop it. However, as a major cost of business, we cannot afford to lose this fuel to unexplained causes.

However, many of us simply don’t know how to go about stopping this fuel loss. We don’t know where it’s coming from or why. The solution is better, smarter and more intuitive tracking for our mining sector.

Do you track your fuel?

If so, how well?

Most companies who deal with fleets – whether in mining or transport – have a fuel or fleet management system. However, these systems rarely actually track fuel comprehensively and allow you to identify anomalies in the data, such as unexplained fuel loss.

You might think that your company loses a few thousand dollars to fuel loss a year. In reality, that number is closer to the millions – and a large amount, if not most, of this fuel loss goes unexplained.

Is this a result of miscalculation? Reckless driving? Fuel fraud?

If you can’t answer that question, it’s not unusual. Until recently, there simply wasn’t the technology to comprehensively track fuel data. Now, there is.

The tracking solution

Our platform, STAMP Fuel, tracks fuel usage and identifies any anomalies, allowing you to easily investigate potential issues. These can then be followed up by a senior member of staff, to identify whether there is fraud, explainable loss or miscalculations involved.

By making even the smallest adjustments to your fuel tracking processes, you can save thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Money lost to fuel loss could be invested instead in different projects to progress your business.

STAMP Fuel is easy to use and integrates with any pre-existing software. In addition, data is backed by blockchain technology, so that you know your data is transparent, traceable and secure. Interested in finding out more? Click here or contact us here for a demo.