Solutions: Mining

Why Mining?

Blockhead Technologies recognises the need to remove inadequate business processes and data insecurity from the supply chain. Poor supply chain solutions have caused unnecessary problems in the mining sector. Customers want to know that materials are ethically, sustainably sourced. This is not always easy to confirm.

We know your company wants traceability as much as your customer does. That’s why we made STAMP™.

STAMP™, designed using blockchain technology and architecture, helps you address these so that your supply chain can function smoothly.

The Benefits for Mining Companies

Blockhead Technologies is passionate about provenance in mining supply chains. That’s why STAMP™ helps you track your supply chain, pit-to-port. STAMP™ also delivers consumer asset tracking, using decentralised systems and database technologies. We want you to know that your materials are ethically sourced and mined, as well as conflict free. That’s what we’re here for.

STAMP™ also has smart data mechanisms in place which support ethical practices. That way, you can ensure easy compliance verification to regulatory bodies. 

Tracking your supply chain end-to-end shouldn’t be hard. STAMP™ allows for greater product traceability and enhances operational efficiencies. This, in turn, saves you valuable time and money.

Can any mining company use STAMP™?

As long as you have a supply chain to track, yes. STAMP™ offers safeguarded material chain of custody within the blockchain. We can track Iron Ore, Gold, Silver, Lithium, Copper, Nickel or any other commodity.

Can STAMP™ be used for other things?

Absolutely. STAMP™ is flexible and applicable to most supply chain systems, but right now our focus is on the mining sector. Stay tuned for more in the future.

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