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Fuel consistently falls into the top three operational costs for companies in the resources sector, with over $130BN USD in diesel unaccounted for annually. Just a 10% loss due to theft or misuse can cost millions of dollars.

We believe fuel loss shouldn’t be accepted as just another cost of business. Our solution – STAMP Fuel – empowers our clients to track, manage and optimise their fuel consumption.

STAMP Fuel: What is it?

STAMP Fuel is a cloud-based fuel tracking solution that integrates with your existing systems to record, analyse and visualise your fuel supply chain.

The platform provides end-to-end fuel management by:

  • Tracking fuel usage;
  • Automatically detecting anomalies in fuel consumption;
  • Optimising fuel usage;
  • Increasing the accuracy of reporting and streamlining the fuel rebate process;
  • Enabling ESG compliant, centralised reporting.

The core technology

In STAMP Fuel, all data is linked to a cost code so fuel usage can be directly tracked to a specific employee, vehicle, bowser or ID card. The system takes what would be multiple data silos and consolidates them into a user-friendly interface, letting you view fuel consumption across an entire fleet or site.

STAMP Fuel is blockchain-backed. This means important data cannot altered without changes being recorded and visible to the whole network – giving you complete assurance over data integrity.

Benefits of STAMP Fuel

An accurate and streamlined fuel rebate process

STAMP Fuel streamlines the rebate process by making data easy to access, read and report. Users can access their fuel consumption data anywhere, anytime, via a bespoke app. Once the platform has consolidated multiple fuel data streams, the dashboard displays information graphically and can be filtered by time period, letting clients view their usage for the year, quarter, month or week. This makes it easy to accurately report fuel usage and receive the highest possible rebate.

Reducing instances of fuel misuse, theft or fraud

STAMP Fuel helps users identify, investigate and discourage fuel misuse and theft. The platform assesses your fuel supply chain and automatically displays anomalies in the data. Anomalies can be the result of misuse, theft, operating conditions or mechanical issues with vehicles. By linking a person, vehicle or ID number to a cost code, you can investigate the source of discrepancies on the dashboard. By clicking on a cost code, users can view historical data; this helps to determine if the anomalous usage is a once-off or a reoccurring trend. By being able to identify and track sources of fuel loss, further instances of fraud and theft are discouraged.

Optimise fuel usage

STAMP Fuel’s anomaly detection is also ideal for highlighting issues with operating conditions or fleet vehicles. The platform uses a combination of methodologies such as custom heuristics and machine learning techniques that allow the system to learn from your data over time to improve its accuracy. STAMP Fuel offers visibility around variations in performance without the need for manual processes, optimising your fuel consumption based on telemetry and operating conditions.

Want to see STAMP Fuel in action?

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