Optimising Fuel Usage


STAMP Fuel™ takes the trouble out fuel tracking. It allows you to trace your data with confidence, and detect any evidence of fraud or incorrect input. Blockhead is pioneering the fuel tracking sector with our blockchain-enabled solution.

STAMP Fuel™ deals with two primary problems: fuel fraud and rebates.


Fuel fraud is a pervasive problem in the mining sector. There are fuel management solutions out there. None of them comprehensively deal with the problem. With the immense amount of fuel that fleets require, it’s hard to monitor when a very small fraction of that goes missing. However, the costs soon mount up.

STAMP Fuel™ is the ideal solution because it puts all your fuel tracking data in one place and allows you to easily detect any errors or miscalculations. Plus, because it’s backed by blockchain technology, you can be confident that the information is correct and has not been changed or deleted.


Mining companies receive a tax rebate for fuel consumption. However, software is not always efficient at reliably tracing fuel spending, fuel use and fuel loss. Data can come from a variety of sources, and companies struggle to accumulate it all in one place. This means that the business often faces substantial financial loss in the long run.

STAMP Fuel™ provides easy data visualisation from multiple streams. Data is compliant, secure and easy to display. This helps you claim for fuel rebates, reduce fuel fraud and optimise auditability.  

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