STAMP Stream™

Streamlining Metal Accounting


STAMP Stream optimizes data management in the precious metals streaming sector. We recognize that streaming companies deal with multiple streams of data. Much of this goes unused or becomes lost.

Because streaming companies purchase a fixed percentage of a traditional mining company’s byproducts, such as silver and gold, trust is a necessity:

  • Where is the product coming from?
  • How can you demonstrate that it was sourced ethically and sustainably?
  • Is the product the agreed quality and quantity?

STAMP Stream allows users to access forecasts and identify irregularities and anomalies by displaying data through a graphical dashboard and reporting system.




Your company saves costs and time by using one platform to centralize all your data and removing the arduous task of manual record-keeping.


STAMP Stream displays anomalies to you through graphs, reports and warnings. This allows you to identify the cause of irregularities.


You can know with confidence that your data is secure and trustworthy, with the option of backing it with blockchain security.

Blockhead has developed customized versions of stamp stream for major mining clients, including:

Wheaton Precious Metals is one of the world’s largest precious metals streaming companies. They will be leveraging Blockhead’s technology to streamline their metal accounting processes. To find out more, click here.

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