Streamlining Metal Accounting


Streaming companies deal with an excess of complicated data – but STAMP Stream™ could solve the problem, once and for all.

Precious metals streaming involves an agreement between a miner and a streamer where the miner sells precious metals, usually silver or gold, to a streaming company for a fixed price.

This poses a problem.

The streaming company receives multiple streams of data. Without secure and easy access to this data, much of this data is lost or unused.

STAMP™ Stream allows streaming companies to ensure that they receive the correct amounts, as per their agreement, and that the product is of good quality and adheres to ethical and sustainable guidelines.


Once STAMP Stream is implemented, it streamlines the process. The platform is blockchain-enabled. Blockchain’s permanent and immutable nature makes it perfect for ensuring trust in streaming processes. Users can access forecasts, early warnings of irregularities, and comprehensive analysis, and have confidence that the information is correct.

STAMP Stream optimises the potential of your data through blockchain integration and data automation and visualisation.

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