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COVID-19 has showed us that poor supply chain visibility can leave businesses at a complete standstill.

The worldwide pandemic has highlighted the need to mitigate supply chain risks by having full visibility over extended supply networks.

More companies are now seeing the benefits of having a central hub with flexible technology and organisation to enhance visibility and detect anomalies in their supply chains.

STAMP Supply: What is it?

STAMP Supply is a cloud-based platform that traces, records and analyses data from every facet of your supply chain.

The solution is designed for customers who:

  • Have multiple streams of disorganised data
  • Want to ensure the security of their data
  • Consistently have issues with productivity or high costs
  • Want to guarantee the quality or origins of their products
  • Want to centralise their ESG targets, actions and reporting.

STAMP Supply gives users full visibility over their supply chain’s. This allows them to detect anomalies and inefficiencies, make accurate, data-driven decisions and guarantee the ESG compliance, quality or origins of their products.

How does it work?

STAMP Supply integrates with your pre-existing data collection processes and can utilise information gathered from any set of uniquely identifiable properties.

The platform centralises multiple data silos into one user-friendly dashboard where it is displayed graphically and in report-form.

STAMP Supply is blockchain-enabled, which means any data stored in the program is transparent, traceable and, above all, secure.

It is resistant to issues such as fraud, incorrect reporting and unexplained loss or miscalculations. Find out more about why blockchain is so secure here.

Benefits of STAMP Supply

Traceability, transparency and trust

STAMP Supply gives its users a secure way to track multiple assets across complex supply chains. By tracking the movements of all actors in a supply chain, companies can guarantee the ethical, sustainable and quality frameworks of their business. This in turn protects and strengthens their reputation with investors and customers.

Being block-chain backed also means data is permanent and cannot be tampered with, ensuring the trustworthiness of both your assets and the data you record.

Lower costs

STAMP Supply automatically flags anomalies it detects. The dashboard displays data visually, which allows users to easily pinpoint where inefficiencies lie in their supply chain. This empowers businesses to make timely decisions and improves weak or costly facets of their supply chain.

The large-scale consolidation capabilities of STAMP Supply greatly reduces the amount of manpower needed to track and analyse supply chain data, eliminating the need for costly and exhaustive manual processes.

Increased productivity

STAMP Supply has the power to take hundreds of data streams and consolidate them into one easy-to-use dashboard. The platform automatically uploads data as it receives it, meaning businesses have up-to-date information at their fingertips. This eliminates the wait time incurred through using manual processes to analyse company data.

Having widespread visibility and audibility over your entire supply chain streamlines the work that goes into forecasting, planning and reporting – freeing up valuable working time.

If you want to enhance the visibility and performance of your supply chains request a free demo today or find out more about STAMP Supply here.