STAMP Supply™

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability


STAMP Supply is poised to revolutionise the supply chain management sector.

It’s ideal for mining supply chains and is unique in its ability to track quality, quantity, ethical and sustainable requirements.

However, STAMP is versatile: it can be applied to any supply chain from commodities, manufacturing and agri-business to oil and gas, medical and energy. Blockhead Technologies ultimately aims to set the standard for supply chain management software companies.

We’re making supply chains digital.


Tracking your supply chain beginning-to-end doesn’t have to be difficult.

Yet, in most cases, it is. Running a company is hard enough without a lack of security in your supply chain.

STAMP Supply™ allows you to demonstrate your ethical supply chain, while also tracing your product quality and optimising data efficiency. In its current state, poor data tracking mean that supply chain processes can be expensive and time-consuming.

You want to assure your customers that you run your business ethically, sustainably and honestly. STAMP Supply™ does this, so that the user can dedicate more time to evaluating and analysing data to create an optimised supply chain.

STAMP Supply™ uses blockchain-enabled software to remove intermediaries, provide access to real time data and reduce your costs, all in one.

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