Your Trusted Partner in Supply Chain Intelligence

STAMP™ (Smart Tracking Asset Management Platform) is our flagship product. The platform is ideal for mining supply chain management. However, it can also be applied to any supply chain from commodities, manufacturing and agri-business to oil and gas, medical and energy. Blockhead Technologies aims to set the standard for supply chain management software companies.

What is STAMP™?

We want to promote trust across supply chains, so you can reap the benefits. And there are many benefits with Blockhead’s supply chain management software. You can reduce:

  • Operational costs through efficient improvements
  • Risk of data fraud and value chain transactional manipulation
  • Error rates
  • Capital requirements

While also accessing:

  • Automation and process improvements
  • Transparency, auditability and traceability

How does it work?

STAMP™ utilises blockchain technology to provide visibility into your supply chain. Blockchain is a digital, tamper-proof ledger. Meaning: you can’t change or add anything to the blockchain without it being visible to the whole network. It’s traceable, visible and reliable.

Using Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach, we take care of the blockchain integration for you. STAMP™ is designed to promote trust across supply chains by ensuring transparency and permanency.

Why should I use STAMP™?

If you lead a business, you know the struggles of supply chain tracking.

Running a company is difficult enough without a lack of security in your supply chain processes. Right now, poor data tracking and convoluted pathways mean that supply chain processes can be expensive and time-consuming.

We know you want to assure your customers that you run your business ethically and sustainably. Unfortunately, ineffective technologies mean that this is difficult for companies to do.

At Blockhead Technologies, we believe in making the solutions, so all you have to do is implement them. We want open and transparent supply chains. We want you to know that you can trust your supply chain. Using blockchain technologies, STAMP™ removes intermediaries, provides access to real time data and reduces your costs, all in one.

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