We’re facing a driving force of change as the future of work approaches. Many of us, simply, aren’t prepared. Between the growing popularity of automation and artificial intelligence, and the increasing importance of sustainability, the future of work is oncoming, and it’s already posing problems. We will need an intensive change in habits and the way we work to rise to meet it.

How prepared are we for the future of work?

While things are, slowly, transforming, the future of work will still demand a massive change. Automation is oncoming, hand-in-hand with Industry 4.0, and it could potentially leave millions out of business. Society is moving towards more emotional and problem-solving based skills and moving away from manual ones.

OECD Employment Outlook 2019: The Future of Work.

How can we move towards better work?

Moving towards a better workplace means training not only our pre-existing staff but also those in disadvantaged and uneducated situations. As the OECD points out, “Adult training should better target the disadvantaged, such as the low-skilled.”

Moving towards better education and training must incorporate those in disadvantaged situations who will be at the most risk from the future of work. When automation can do the jobs they current do, many will be left unemployed and potentially homeless.

Training these workers to do less automatable jobs will ensure that they are secure and protected in the future of work. While automation and artificial intelligence will be able to do the more manual jobs, educating and training staff in other areas will allow them to do things that robots can’t. This will be key to the future of our workforce.

Where does sustainability come into this?

Our future state of work will respond to and incorporate a push towards sustainability. It will do this through shorter commutes, smarter offices and increased transparency and governance company wide.

The movement towards a smarter workforce will directly rely on a move towards sustainability. To ensure our futures, we must work together a more sustainable workplace. Preparing those in developing countries and implementing better, smarter working conditions will allow us to create a better future globally.

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