Blockchain technology is becoming normalised in the business sector. But is it a necessity for global companies?

Blockchain-enabled platforms have the potential to use blockchain technology, without exclusively relying upon it. Our platform, STAMP, is blockchain-enabled, which means that your company can access the benefits of blockchain if desired. If not, the platform still excels in data management.

But how necessary is blockchain in company processes?

Is blockchain right for you?

Blockchain-enabled technology allows you to decide whether blockchain is right for you. Of course, blockchain isn’t right for every business. Some businesses do not stand to benefit from it, or have no use for it.

How do you know if blockchain is right for your business?

Blockchain’s three most beneficial attributes are:

  • Its security
  • Its permanence
  • Its transparency

Companies dealing with high volumes of data are ideal candidates for the inclusion of blockchain technology in their business.

The World Economic Forum looked at promising opportunities for blockchain technology. This diagram, for example, provides a comprehensive idea of blockchain’s suitability for different businesses.

Blockchain is ideal for companies who deal with shared data, which they want assured control over, and where guaranteed trust is required.

That way, you can become less reliant on:

  • Intermediaries
  • Centralised systems
  • Blind trust

Blockchain-enabled: for the future of your business

Blockchain-enabled platforms mean that you don’t have to commit to a decision about blockchain. The opportunity is there, if you want it. And some companies have no need or want for blockchain technology.

Our platform, STAMP, functions as a data management platform. This extends from supply chains to fuel tracking. If desired, blockchain can also be involved in the process. Some companies are not currently ready to commit to blockchain; however, in the future, they may desire implementation.

Circumstances, and businesses trajectories, change. We want to account for that.

The blockchain opportunity and the fear of missing out

The fear of missing out is real and ever-present in the technology sector. Many companies want the option of implementing blockchain without the commitment.

Blockchain-enabled technology means you don’t have to miss out – but you also don’t have to commit to anything immediately.

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