As the world learns how to exist in the times of COVID-19, there are many different industries that have been – and still will be – affected. As a result, there’s a growing demand for artificial intelligence and blockchain in manufacturing as we move towards a more autonomous – and less people-based – industry.

Here’s why.

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Manufacturing, until recently, has largely relied upon people. As social distancing continues, and will probably persevere for several months, if not longer, there needs to be new and innovative ways to manufacture without putting people in close contact with one another. Companies can’t afford to wait for the pandemic to pass to resume business.

This is where AI and automation come in. Not only are they not going to catch or spread disease, they also can work 24 hours a day and don’t need breaks. This makes them ideal for high-pressure times such as these.

It also opens up opportunities for people who may be losing their jobs to supervise and maintain these automated machines. Upskilling will be a vital part of this. Through upskilling and reskilling our manual workers, we can ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Artificial intelligence is also efficient at predictions and forecasting, which can enable increased efficiency and improved safety within the workplace as a whole.

So, where does blockchain fit in?

You might be wondering: where does blockchain fit into this? How, exactly, can a distributed ledger improve manufacturing?

The value of blockchain is in its transparency and its security. Platforms that are blockchain-backed ensure that sensitive information is secure, encrypted, and traceable. In manufacturing, this means that automated machines are also more secure from external attacks.

Blockchain brings security into manufacturing and allows us to protect the AI that, in turn, protect workers. Many companies, even today, still use traditional software that is vulnerable to attacks. Implementing blockchain ensures that company data and software is as safe as possible.

How will this change manufacturing?

Through the synergy of blockchain and artificial intelligence, we can ensure that industry is secure, safer, and more efficient. This saves costs for companies and ensures that workers are better protected.

The security of these machines and the data is absolutely essential. With both blockchain and AI, we can ensure that manufacturing is more efficient but resistant to attacks.

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