The aged care sector is drawing more attention in the media as poor conditions and treatment come to light. While this doesn’t make up the entirety of the aged care sector, this mistreatment is prevalent enough to demand a solution.

Could technology be that solution?

AI, blockchain, IoT – what could they do for aged care?

When we think of modern technology, we don’t often think of it as going hand-in-hand with aged care. Some ageing persons are familiar with technology; however the majority aren’t – and this can be frustrating for them.

Would implementing advanced tech such as AI, blockchain and IoT negatively affect the lives of the elderly?

86% of people in aged care were found to have mental illness or a behavioural condition in 2018, with 49% diagnosed with depression. The statistics are clear: the current standard of living for the elderly is not acceptable.

The secure reporting and intelligent living could, in fact, change their lives for the better.

How could this technology help quality of life?

Implementing technology in the aged care sector could give ageing persons more autonomy and independence.

You might have heard of the benefits of artificial intelligence in the aged care sector. It can help detect anomalies from usual routine, assist the elderly through their everyday lives, as well as identify any illness or injury. AI often works hand-in-hand with the Internet of Things to do this – sensors can track an elderly person’s actions without being obtrusive.

IoT provides a voice for the elderly that they would otherwise lack.

In addition, blockchain can ensure that recording stays permanent, by writing important alerts and information to the blockchain.

This tech also allows the elderly to live at home when they would otherwise have to be placed in a facility.

Where’s the demand?

The current policies and procedures in place are not working.

We need better standards and governance. That means better tech.

Automation, AI and blockchain technology can provide a level of security to the elderly. They protect people by ensuring that there is accountability and traceability.

The ability of the elderly to feel safe in their own homes should be the standard. Yet, often, for a myriad of reasons, it isn’t.

We can change this with better tech.

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