As we pass the midway point of 2020, there are a variety of digital trends coming to the forefront. As we go through a pandemic, different technologies and trends become more and more prevalent. Check out a few of them below.

1. Improved data tracking

Data sits at the centre of how we do business. We need to understand and analyse it to ensure that we know what, exactly, is going on in our companies. By doing this, we ensure that we have comprehensive visibility over our data.

 We can implement improved data tracking through new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Blockhead Technologies has created STAMP, a blockchain-enabled tracking platform. It tracks all kinds of data and provides a centralised source of trustworthy data.

In times that are largely driven by a pandemic, data tracking is absolutely essential, both within companies and within organisations such as healthcare.

2. Ethical tech

Technology is multi-faceted, widespread, and inherently global. Because of this, its ethics are incredibly important. Technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can be used to ensure the ethics of company processes, such as supply chains.

This comes into ‘human experience tech’ and ‘human-centred design’. Essentially, it seeks to ensure that digital transformation does not erase the human aspect. For example, social media giants have been pushed to ensure that they are implementing ethical design to promote overall human-centred service.

This means that they know where their data is going, what it is being used for, and ultimately, they possess autonomy over their public information. Ultimately, ethical tech comes down to one thing: trust.

This comes into play, for example, when organisations deal with healthcare data. Privacy between the doctor and the patient is integral, so implementing certain technologies can ensure that ethics are adhered to. One of these is blockchain, which ensures that data is only visible to those who have permission to view it.

3. Financial tech

Financial technology is becoming a major part of the digital sphere. This extends from cryptocurrency exchange to other forms of secure banking, to utilising artificial intelligence in the way we do finance. Financial technology not only seeks to find new ways to exchange money, but also new ways to handle our money and innovative approaches to individualised situations.

For example, women may face different financial conditions than men. By using smart technology, we can individualise their experience.

Blockhead Technologies is transforming the way we see tech and company data with our blockchain-backed platform STAMP. You can find out more about STAMP here or contact us here for more information or a demo.