The conversation around blockchain agnosticism remains subdued. Despite the necessity of agnosticism in blockchain’s success in the new year, many blockchain platforms remain singular and isolated. Blockchain agnosticism is a vital part of blockchain becoming mainstream, as it pertains to the ability of platforms to use more than one blockchain protocol.

Why is agnosticism necessary? And how can we move towards it?

What is blockchain agnosticism?

Blockchain agnosticism refers to that a platform does not constrain businesses to the use of one singular blockchain protocol. Different blockchain protocols – from Ethereum to Bitcoin to Hyperledger – all suit different situations and requirements, with differing throughputs and capabilities.

You can find out more about blockchain agnosticism and the capabilities of different protocols here.

Freedom of choice

Blockchain agnosticism gives businesses the freedom of choice by allowing them to change between blockchains. For example, a company may start with a protocol that they don’t want to continue with, or find does not meet the demands of their business. This is when freedom of choice is an absolute necessity.

Changing expectations and requirements

Companies may start with a blockchain protocol that meets their demands and requirements. At one point – especially in early stages of a business – this protocol may be suitable. However, as the company grows and changes, it’s no longer right for their business. Without blockchain agnosticism, they’re constrained to that blockchain, unless they want to completely start new.

When platforms are blockchain agnostic, companies can change their choice of blockchain based on their needs. This gives them the freedom of choice forever – not just a couple of years.

Lack of support

Sometimes, blockchain protocols don’t work out – and they, eventually, become unsupported. This can cause massive problems for businesses who are using them, especially if their entire systems are built upon them. This is where blockchain agnosticism comes in.

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