Mines are sources of excessive amounts of data, and often these data streams are difficult to manage. There are three types of data that every mining company need to be comprehensively tracking to optimise the value of their business processes.

The good news? You don’t have to do it all yourself. There are smart technologies that can do the data tracking for you.

Fuel usage

Mining companies handle massive fleets of trucks. These trucks use large amounts of fuel, which can form up to, or even more than, 10% of a company’s overall costs. Fuel should never be a ‘cost of business.’ With the proper technology, we can track our fuel better, reducing fraud and optimizing fuel usage.

Our platform, STAMP Fuel, tracks company’s fuel supply chains easily, effectively and with minimised costs. We’re passionate about saving you time, effort and money through effective and efficient fuel tracking. STAMP Fuel is blockchain-backed and integrates with pre-existing processes, ensuring minimal disruption to your company.

Supply chain data

All mining companies possess or deal with supply chains. These need to be comprehensively tracked to avoid fraud and save companies from facing unnecessary fuel and money loss. Efficient supply chain management can massively transform a company’s efficiency.

Mining supply chains consist of many different streams of data, and most – if not all – of it is important in some way. This means that, every day, we are throwing away valuable information – and it’s hurting us financially.

Our platform, STAMP Supply, can do this for you. It’s blockchain-backed, which ensures that data uploaded to the platform is secure, transparent and easily auditable.

Source: RCS Global. The potential of blockchain in tracking the mining and metals supply chain.

Tracking your supply chain data starts, first, with your company and a move towards a more traceable, transparent supply chain. While blockchain facilitates data tracking, the true value for mining lies in the ability of mining businesses to mobilise and implement policies that protect their staff and business.

Company safety

Every mining company faces potential safety problems. While mining fatalities have dropped over the last through years, there are still mining injuries and even deaths that we never hear about. These are often attributed to collapses in underground mines or accidents due to transport and mobile mining equipment.

Image result for mining data safety
Source: ICMM. Total fatalities on ICMM member sites have decreased since 2012.

Some forms of accidents can be mitigated by tracking. Others, such as underground mining accidents, may be solved by automated machines and artificial intelligence. When an incident occurs, the data can be tracked down to the cause and result, and recorded in a transparent and auditable fashion.

Source: Natural Resources Canada via Visual Capitalist. Implementing smart technologies can overall increase both productivity and safety.

It’s also necessary to make sure that accidents are recorded in a traceable format, for both the assurance of the company and the customer.

Tracking multiple streams of data and organizing them in a centralized method can save excessive amounts of time and costs. STAMP integrates with your pre-existing processes to give you time to focus on the more important things. We need improved technology to track our mines for better safety, efficiency and ultimately smarter mines.

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