Data collection and analysis can be overwhelming. Especially in times of pandemic, government, companies and organisational bodies need to accumulate, understand and distribute data in a valuable way.

Obtaining this data can be a difficult and arduous process, as our data collection and analytics systems remain limited and lack maturity. Here’s why we should be caring more about our data – and how we can move towards better and easier data tracking.

The value of data for all of us

Data is important to more than just governmental or leadership bodies – it is important to us as consumers. In the times of the pandemic, discovering data is an absolute necessity for our own awareness.

Because of the prevalence and importance of data in the modern world, it’s a necessity that we create and cultivate improved information platforms. This extends from data tracking to security to anonymisation.

As users, we want to give our data to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we need to ensure that this data is anonymised to encourage people to have trust in data resources.

This is where certain platforms come in.

A new type of platform for data tracking

Data needs to be secure, but anonymised, in many cases. This is where blockchain technology comes in: through integration, it can ensure that the data is secure but anonymous to adhere to legalities and ethics. Blockchain provides massive security that traditional data management systems cannot afford, while also ensuring that this information cannot be changed, adjusted or deleted without visibility.

STAMP is Blockhead Technologies’ data tracking platform that can track fuel, supply chain and other company data. It’s designed to not only intake data but also to analyze and forecast. STAMP can integrate with pre-existing data management systems and is also blockchain-backed, ensuring that the data is secure and transparent.

It’s vital that we recognise the value of our data for not only mitigating panic, but also providing much-needed support during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find out more about STAMP here or contact us here for a demo of one of our platforms.