After the onset of COVID-19, companies, employees, and consumers have been pushed, headfirst, into digital transformation. People who would previously avoid online conferencing, remote working and other software have been forced into doing so.

This is a pivotal moment in our society, but it’s also the point where we make our own decisions about moving towards a digital society. If we hesitate now, we’ll face uncertainty and unpredictability. If we accept digital transformation, we can move towards making a better future for ourselves.

As we plummet into a digital world at the hands of COVID-19, we are faced with the question: do we accept transformation or not?

The promise of digital transformation

The three leading principals for digital transformation to be successful are:

  • Collaborative thought between businesses

Companies need to collaborate with other businesses, despite being in competition with one another. We can maintain an overall alliance without dismissing the healthy competition between companies. This means exchanging ideas, providing insights, and nurturing innovative thought.

By siloing ourselves from other businesses, we reduce the opportunity for change and new knowledge. This ultimately results in companies being isolated, stagnant, and largely purposeless.

Through collaboration, we can prepare ourselves for the future of digital, foster learning and create long-lasting partnerships.

  • Acceptance of innovation at company executive level

To promote innovation, company executives must first accept its necessity. Without agreement across the board, there will be roadblocks along the way that stymie growth. Company leaders will need to be at the forefront of innovation to ensure the continued growth of the company.

While they don’t need to have all the ideas themselves, it’s important that leaders are ready to accept, distribute and implement new ideas and technologies.

  • Implementing and accepting unique ideas company-wide

On a company-wide level, implementing and accepting ideas and technologies is a necessary part of digital transformation.

This means not only factoring in the ideas of company leaders, but also those of company-wide employees who possess their own individualised ideas created from a different perspective.

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