The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) will have humans living and working alongside machines. This, as a result, will change the way we view and define ‘work’. Automated robots will become an integral part of the the future workforce.

So, what exactly can we do today to ensure the success of digitalization?

More than just an industrial revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the way we work. By 2030, the demand for emotional and social skills will increase by 26% in the US and Western Europe, and the need for technological skills will increase by a massive 60% by 2030.

We will need to ensure that, as a society, we move towards skills and careers that are future proof, primarily technology and social-oriented ones.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

Reskilling will be a significant part of Industry 4.0 as some jobs will be replaced by machines, and people will need to be reskilled into different and newly created jobs.

Who will lose out and who is already on the right track?

Those in jobs that could potentially replaced by robots will need to change the trajectory of their careers.

These skills, according to the World Economic Forum, are those that will be the most important going towards 2020:

Source: World Economic Forum

Creativity, critical thinking and people management will be a large part of the future industry. These will replace more data-based careers. Emotional and social jobs will become far more prominent in the future. Emotional intelligence is one ability that artificial intelligence is not capable of – at least, not in its current state.

As this World Economic Forum article points out, “Robots have been taking our jobs for 50 years – why are we worried now?”

Automated machines are no new development, as we can see by merely looking at printers, self-checkouts or automated factories. Some jobs will be replaced, as with the past – and as with the past, others will, again, be created.

We just need to make the right changes – in our careers, and in the workplace – to move towards a successful Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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