Blockchain is here, and it isn’t leaving any time soon.

Why would it, when the general opinion of blockchain in industry is only improving? KPMG’s recently released blockchain survey agrees. 48% of industry executives expect blockchain to change the way their company does business in the next three years. 41% believe that their company will implement blockchain within three years.

Seventy-six percent of those surveyed were C-level executives.

Blockchain is peaking in popularity as its true value becomes recognised. It is suitable for a multitude of situations, not just monetary exchange. If the KPMG survey is anything to go by, demand for blockchain services will only be going up.

41% people plan to use blockchain in next 3 years in their companies

Hype versus reality

This is a significant difference from KPMG’s 2017 survey, in which only 30% of those surveyed believed that blockchain would disrupt their company within the next three years.

Blockchain is transforming from a nascent and immature technology into a modest, useful one. People’s perceptions, therefore, are changing. In the near future, blockchain will no longer be a source of distrust.

Instead, it will be a reliable and multi-faceted technology that has the potential to make business processes a whole lot easier.

30% believed blockchain would disrupt their business in 2017

It might not save the world. It definitely has the potential, however, to make things better. That’s the value of blockchain.

Easier, more streamlined services

Blockchain is accessible. It’s neutral. It’s decentralised.

That’s part of what makes it so powerful.

It removes the necessity of trust. Companies no longer need to bring in third parties to negotiate. Instead, they have blockchain. A transparent, trustworthy intermediary.

The points to take away are these:

  • Blockchain isn’t going anywhere.
  • Rather, it’s changing the way society and industry function.
  • We’re too far gone to turn back now.

Blockchain will one day underlay our entire society: from storage, to communicate, to money transfer. Will we even notice? That’s up to us to decide.

Blockchain as the foundation

Blockchain isn’t just a software spectacle. Gradually, people are beginning to realise this.

It’s a steady, reliable technology with potential.

Once there’s solid blockchain use cases, people will be inspired. Popularity will spike.

People want to see that blockchain can succeed, and there are already some early cases of its success.

The improved opinion of blockchain demonstrates its evolution. Blockchain has turned from a distant idea, doomed to fail, into a realistic and present concept.

Blockchain will form the framework of society. We might not even notice the difference.

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