Fuel loss is one of the biggest costs for companies, and yet it’s often one we neglect. There are a myriad of ways that you can optimise fuel usage in your fleet, and they all start with accurate fuel tracking.

How fuel tracking helps other issues

Your company can save on fuel by:

  • analysing anomalies
  • correcting reckless driving
  • using optimum routes when working and reducing idling time
  • changing fuel type
  • and regulating how drivers use their fuel cards.

However, to change or monitor any of these, you first need a comprehensive fuel tracking system that allows you to view drivers’ habits, usage and any anomalous behaviour in the fuel supply chain.

According to a study done by TomTom last year, 34% of fleet managers believed that their company’s vehicles costs are higher than necessary. Many fleet management systems simply do not cover all the requirements of the customer.

The solution: fuel tracking for better work

Fuel tracking is an integral part of better work, which is why we created STAMP Fuel, a blockchain-enabled solution for fuel tracking. STAMP Fuel is the platform that connects you to your fuel, allowing you to identify any issues and anomalies.

There is also the issue of a company’s environmental impact. Cutting down on fuel – through minimising extensive and reckless driving – also has a positive impact on the environment. This can help to improve the company’s ESG reputation.

Fuel tracking fundamentally improves efficiency, cost, and prevents companies from wasting the time of their workers which could be utilised on more productive things. On a reputational front, cutting down on fuel for improved sustainability can be beneficial, and saving money through business will allow more investment in more innovative aspects.

Blockhead Technologies have created STAMP Fuel, a blockchain-enabled platform to track fuel usage and loss within your company. Have a fuel issue in your company? Click here.