Artificial intelligence and blockchain have both been diluted with hype and viewed as separate over-publicised technologies. However, the reality is very different: they could be the perfect partnership to deliver better business insights and more secure databases.

Blockchain and AI will upgrade traditional business systems to revolutionise the way we do tasks.

Artificial intelligence’s independent value

Artificial intelligence refers to intelligent machines that can automate and streamline tasks previously executed by humans. It has massive potential outside of blockchain technology and has been implemented across the globe throughout various companies and projects.

Some things you use every day use artificial intelligence, and you might not even realise. Google’s search engine and Google Assistant, for example, uses AI and deep learning to understand spoken and written commands or searches.

Google’s analytics engine Google Analytics use machine learning and AI tools to deliver insights into reception over the web and social media.

AI is everywhere. Now, what exactly could blockchain bring to the table?

How artificial intelligence integrates with blockchain

Not a blockchain expert? That’s normal – and you can find a better explanation of blockchain technology and its value here.

So, what is it about blockchain that is so well-suited to supporting artificial intelligence? The three primary ways they can support one another are:

  • Security. Blockchain is the security tool. It secures and protects important data, which is generated and analysed by artificial intelligence.
  • Decentralisation. Because blockchain is distributed, it can be accessed from anywhere and is less vulnerable to attacks. This is ideal for AI-backed data analytics platforms that deal with sensitive data.
  • Scalability. Many blockchain platforms are inherently scalable. They can handle high throughput and are therefore ideal for supporting AI platforms that deal with large amounts of data.

It’s not hard to see that blockchain and AI are virtually made for one another.

Real industry implementations

A myriad of companies in different industries are implementing AI and blockchain in the real world. These range from companies such as Core Scientific, who assist in upgrading business infrastructure with blockchain and AI, to Cyware Labs, a company that is incorporating AI and blockchain-based tools into cybersecurity.

At Blockhead Technologies, we are bringing in blockchain-backed intelligent solutions into supply chains, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline company processes. We believe that the future is intelligent – and we can be providing businesses with the tools to get them there.

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