Blockchain agnosticism is at the core of normalising blockchain adoption. Agnosticism provides the ability to choose between blockchains and transfer data between different blockchain protocols. This stops companies from being restrained to one blockchain.

As blockchain becomes more applicable globally, there are many opportunities for prevention and safety during COVID-19. Making our blockchain platforms agnostic, however, is integral to this. Without agnosticism, company and organisation data will become siloed from each other.

Here’s why we need to be moving towards it now – not in the future.

What is blockchain agnosticism and why does it matter?

Blockchain agnosticism refers to the ability of blockchain platforms to transfer data between each other. Many platforms do not enable agnostic data exchange as the client is restrained to one platform.

This limits companies in a potentially dangerous way, by preventing them from being prepared for future change. The reality is that blockchain is a very new technology, and this means that it still has space to grow. Whether it happens or not, it’s vital that companies prepare for the potential that certain blockchains may become obselete.

Why is it important now?

Blockchain provides large potential during crises such as pandemics. This is because it can apply across anything from medical records to supply chain management – both of which have been heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Blockchain agnosticism is vital during these times because it ensures that we can transfer data across platforms, companies, and borders. For instance, medical knowledge can be transferred between practices and even countries securely and quickly.

This might also include transferring patient data with their consent if they are at a different practice. This technology could, fundamentally, save lives.

How we can move towards blockchain agnosticism

It will soon become a requirement for tech companies to implement blockchain agnosticism within their platforms. Standardisation will be a key part of securing blockchain’s future, and it will go hand-in-hand with agnostic blockchains.

Moving towards blockchain agnosticism will require innovation on behalf of companies and blockchain devs. It will also push regulators towards creating a consistent standard of blockchain agnosticism.

All of Blockhead Technologies’ are blockchain agnostic, providing our clients the flexibility of choice. STAMP can be applied to the supply chain, fuel tracking or a myriad of other sectors.

You can find out more about STAMP here or contact us here for a demo or for more information.