Cybersecurity is one of the most talked about business trends of the last year. Cyberattacks are one of the top 10 global risks of highest concern in the next decade according to the World Economic Forum, meaning that companies making meaningful change in the security of their organisation is absolutely vital.

Finding the right advice and technology to support your company’s cybersecurity goals can be difficult. Here are three important things your organisation should be prioritising in cybersecurity.

Secure company communication by building ‘cyber hygiene’

Cybersecurity starts with the company. This means implementing strong cyber hygiene and training staff to protect themselves when detailing with sensitive information. This can mean using a designated work device only, developing a detail inventory system, implement strong authentication including multiple layers, and enforcing data security mechanisms.

These should form the foundations of any cybersecurity measures in your business.

Protect and manage access to sensitive information

Implementing and scaling identify and access management systems are vital to cybersecurity. By adopting novel strategy and technologies, businesses can ensure that only the correct people have access to certain information.

This means, in addition, implementing a layered user permission system that grants different permissions to different users and has set security protocols. A permission structure should include a database administrator and then different layers of user permissions.

Automated mechanisms must be in place to ensure that appropriate access rights are given to certain individuals.

Implement trustworthy tech to ensure confidence

Even on a small scale, ensuring trust throughout companies and especially throughout supply chains can be an arduous and unforgiving task. Many companies are unaware of the level of security that their suppliers or vendors possess.

Some standards authorities suggest a ‘zero trust’ approach. This can be supported by a trustworthy technology such as blockchain. Blockchain provides a centralised source of truth and removes the necessity of trust and/or intermediaries.

It does this through an encrypted and complicated security structure that ensures no single point of failure. This makes it immensely more secure than a traditional database.

Because of its immutability, blockchain ensures that data cannot be tampered with without a visible record of change or deletion.

Overall, implementing innovative technology and bringing a set of cybersecurity into our businesses can be transformative and prepare companies for potential future issues. Cybersecurity should be at the top of every company’s list who deals with sensitive data.

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