Implementing blockchain has often been viewed as a luxury, an option for those who are already in the position to innovate. However, tracking your data with blockchain has never been so important, and it can provide massive cost savings in the long run for even small businesses.

Here’s how.

Right now, nobody can afford unnecessary costs

In supply chains – in fuel usage – in day-to-day processes, there are always unnecessary money losses. These often aren’t suspicious or fraudulent. Rather, they’re simply ‘costs of business’: miscalculations, accidents and errors. In more rare cases, they may be fraudulent.

However, these seemingly small monetary losses are far more important than they seem.

Blockchain technology provides a traceable option for tracking and tracing commodities. Blockhead Technologies has created the STAMP Suite, backed by blockchain, to solve your data analysis problems. STAMP Fuel tracks your fuel usage and identifies anomalies while STAMP Supply comprehensively traces your company’s supply chain.

Blockhead’s solutions provide the assurance of transparency and trustworthiness. Blockchain acts as a reliable way to store, track and analyse your data. It limits supply chain and company disruption, provides an efficient method of tracking, and optimizes data processing.

The initial cost of blockchain implementation is far outweighed by the promise of the cost saving it can provide. Companies can save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, by being able to visualise and trust in their data.

It’s vital to protect your company and its data

During times like this, protecting your company, your IP and livelihood is absoutely vital. Blockchain technology provides a traceable and permanent way of storing your company data, ensuring its security. It also allows you to detect any anomalies in data and identify when certain information has been changed or by whom.

The fundamental value of blockchain is its ability to ignite trust, both in our data and in the way we do business. It removes the necessity for intermediaries, since blockchain itself acts as the intermediary. Fundamentally, blockchain provides the trust in our own company information, in our supply chains, in our fuel usage and commodity tracking that we need in such uncertain times.

Blockhead Technologies is tracking fuel usage with STAMP Fuel and supply chain data with STAMP Supply. You can find out more about Fuel here or Supply here, or contact us here for a demo.