Blockchain could transform the future of fuel in mining. With machine learning, IoT and blockchain, we can revolutionise the fuel tracking industry. But where do we start?

Here’s how we can transform fuel tracking with the help of blockchain.

Where’s the issue in fuel tracking?

Fuel tracking in the fleet and mining sectors is a necessary, but often convoluted, process. Because of its complicated nature, many companies simply don’t have the resources or technology to do it efficiently.

Here enters blockchain: a technology that easily secures platforms and can be offered in a cost-efficient manner. It ensures that fuel tracking is transparent, secure, and decentralised.

In the mining sector, many companies deal with massive fleet that handle large amounts of fuel. This fuel is difficult, if not impossible, to track without a comprehensive fuel tracking suite. Companies can implement IoT hardware across mining sites and back this data with blockchain to secure it.

A blockchain-backed solution to fuel loss

To mitigate fuel loss in the mining sector, we can implement transformative technology. This will allow us to track and analyse our fuel in real time.

Blockhead Technologies offer STAMP Fuel: a blockchain-backed platform designed to track from bowser to usage. It allows for easy identification of anomalies such as fuel leaks or fraud.

STAMP Fuel incorporates any pre-existing systems to ensure tracking across the entire suite of products. It integrates with any existing software or hardware and secures fuel data across companies. Your company does not need suspected fuel fraud to implement STAMP Fuel (or, in fact, any kind of fuel tracking.)

It merely requires a drive to reduce unnecessary costs and improve overall efficiency throughout your company.

By implementing secure and decentralised fuel tracking, we ensure that we know where, exactly, our fuel is going. As one of the top 3 expenditures for many companies, we cannot afford to lose large amounts of fuel to unexplained circumstances.

STAMP Fuel streamlines the fuel tracking process with blockchain security. You can find out more about STAMP Fuel here or contact us here for a demo.