Global companies are increasingly creating technologies that foster security and remove the necessity of trust within their business systems.

Digital transformation will create a ‘Zero Trust’ society and that’s not a bad thing. Here’s why.

What is a Zero Trust society?

In a Zero Trust society, organisations will improve security capabilities so that there is no trust required, implementing tools such as multi-factor authentication, session limits, end-to-end communication, and anonymous protected identities.

Data will be anonymised and secure, protected by multiple levels of encryption and advanced technology such as blockchain. While to some, Zero Trust may seem like it’s removing the human element of work, it will instead increase humanity in work, reduce distrust, and allow employees to work smoothly and efficiently.

A major problem in tech is an excess of trust. Because of this, it can be easy for hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities. Whether internal or external, attacks are common, and it’s vital that we implement Zero Trust technologies to remove any possibility of doubt.

In addition, having full visibility over your data and overall security allows companies to better trust their employees. Using technologies such as blockchain can ensure that all transactions within the company are monitored, visible and traceable.

How can we move towards Zero Trust?

Many companies are already moving towards a Zero Trust approach. Some measures that businesses can take include:

  • Anonymise digital transactions
  • Bring in new transformative technologies
  • Encrypt all communication and deliver sensitive information with a destruction timer

Zero Trust largely involves implementing technologies that can handle trust without human intervention – for example blockchain, artificial intelligence or automation. This tech can ensure that data is safe, secure and that employees can do their jobs efficiently and securely.

With cybercrime potentially costing the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, and the average cost of a data breach being $3.62 million, Zero Trust is more than just a choice. It’s a necessity.

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